Retail Programs

Certified Meat Products prides itself in developing customized meat programs for today’s retail market. Years of experience processing graded, organic, natural and other claimed product helps our customers develop the perfect case ready program.

Premium Retail Grind

Experience = Perfection

The Maxey family has over 60 years of experience providing globally recognized restaurant groups and national retailers with premium beef patties. Past endeavors have given us a firm understanding of the best grinding practices. This knowledge and experience is what we provide to our customer, by helping them create custom grind programs.

Perfectly Portioned Steaks & Roasts

Unpackage and grill.

In today’s fast paced world it is challenging to find the right meal to feed your family, especially when looking for meat proteins. We partner with our customers to create the perfect steak and roast programs to showcase in retail stores nationwide.  We pride ourselves in developing cost-effective programs that highlight quality and consistency.

Precision Packaging

Making quality and freshness a priority.

Perfecting packaging is essential to preserving freshness and extending shelf life. We have established strict testing procedures to ensure package pressure and proper vacuum sealing. These steps help to ensure our customers that their products will perform to their maximum potential.