Our History

Certified Meat Products is the culmination of three generations of meat industry experience. Employing knowledge from previous endeavors has bolstered Certified Meat Products continued growth.


Certified Meat Products is an independent, family-owned, processor located in the heart of California. We firmly believe that the relationships established with our customers are partnerships. This means providing high quality products at competitive prices while emphasizing extraordinary service.


Est. 1954

Jim “Big Jim” Maxey opened King-O-Meat in 1954. It started as a small processing operation that sold beef products to local restaurants, and distributors. Jim built a team of people that focused on working hard and doing things right, and in doing that developed relationships that have endured for generations.

Beef Packers / Fresno Meat Company

Est. 1983

Jimmy Maxey (Jim’s son) grew up working with his dad and was instrumental in expanding the company’s local roots to include a national presence.  These efforts led to a partnership of three families to develop a business that could achieve this ambition while providing complete vertical control from the farm to the table.  Beef Packers and Fresno Meat Company were established in 1983 and these companies quickly grew to become one of the largest packing plants in the Western United States. From livestock development, to harvesting, manufacturing, further processing and distribution; the family of companies had tremendous depth and knowledge, becoming a leading figure in the meat industry.

Certified Meat Products

Est. 2006

In 2006, the Maxey family opened Certified Meat Products (CMP).  CMP is a local, family-owned, meat packing company that specializes in grinding, portion cut steaks, marinated meat items, and custom processing.   Building upon the tradition that was started over 60 years ago, CMP strives to be the platform that connects consumers with high quality products.